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American Craftsmen Inc

American Craftsmen Inc., (ACI) President Edward Rubio has 35 years of construction experience in NJ, NY & NC focused on building envelope, enclosures, facades and cold formed steel framing with this knowledge in hand; he patented, researched and developed ACI Precast ceramic composite panel technology. The optimized light weight “AIR” assembly features ASTM-E119-12- 3 hour fire resistance matched with proven composite structural high strength to low weight ratio,continuous thermal values, and impervious hardened surfaces providing multiple industry urgently needed  affordable solutions for public wild fire safety, health, asset protection, and directly reduce environmental impact. Thus, contributing to communities that better protect life from, fire natural disasters and operate on significantly lower carbon foots prints that require less energy for building operations. 

ACI Precast provides game changing solutions for developers and investors to construct affordable buildings that reduce net natural resource consumption, construction waste, carbon gas emissions, and adverse environmental impacts of construction by optimizing buildings with sustainable durable logical solutions.


Our mission is to provide the most cost effective, light-weight, thermally efficient, fire rated composite precast building system in the world; with a focus on sustainability, durability, life safety, and asset protection in our communities.


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For a free power point product presentation please contact us  at 919-845-0870, 919-675-7482   or email at 

“Build fire resistant to protect life & environment” -Ed Rubio

Stay tuned American Craftsmen Inc., will soon open a panel plant to service California 




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