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Three Hour Fire Rated Assemblies

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Fenestration Test Laboratory, Inc. Results:

Test Type: ASTM E119-12 3 Hour Fire Rated Load Bearing Structural Assembly

Test Sample: (2) 5’x10’ wall assembly constructed in a 10’x10’ 6”x 1-1/4 header and sill 6” vertical stud 16” O.C with ceramic pre-cast exterior of panel and 5/8 Fire Shield Extended Exposure Gypsum sheathing on interior of panel. Hilti fire stop caulk applied between panels.  

Method: As directed in the ASTM E119-12 testing methods. The Test panels were constructed to fit a 10’x10’ steel opening and placed against a furnace that would begin at 1,200 Degree °F and exposed to a three hour endurance test with temperatures peaking at of 1950°F with an applied 13 ton vertical load (26,000lbs) Temperatures within furnace were monitored using thermocouples and advanced data recording equipment,

Immediately after the fire exposure test, the assembly was withdrawn from the furnace and subjected to the impact of the cooling effects of a standard hose stream test. The nozzle pressure was 30 psi applied water pressure to 100 sqft section for a period of one minute.

The wall assembly withstood the fire and hose stream test without passage of flame, or gases hot enough to ignite cotton waste, or of the passage of water from the hose stream. The panel remained intact – see ASTM E119-12 test charts below for detailed information on fire temperatures.






(top left): 26,000lb load applied to the top of the panel for the duration of the test  (top right): Ed Rubio, inventor, placing his hand on the panel surface mid test. The furnace temperature is 1,775°F and the panel surface temperature is 81ºF (bottom left): Furnace temperatures chart. (bottom right): Unexposed surface temperatures chart 




20150331_1408263HR RATED US PATENT 7,681,368,B1



(left): ACI Ceramic Pre-Cast panel fitted into frame and being loaded into the furnace. (right): ACI Ceramic Pre-Cast panels after Fire Hose Test and 3hrs at 1,925°F

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