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ACI Pre-Cast


The proprietary light weight ceramic, insulated composite panel technology manufacturing process produces a new market solution; holistic, affordable fire rated hardened structures, that better withstand earth quakes natural disasters, and reduce  carbon foot print.

ACI Precast ASTM E119-12 Three hour fire rated technology raises the bar in holistic affordable building fire protection and structural building envelope performance at significantly high strength to low weight ratio composite action.

The revolutionary proprietary modular ceramic precast structural panels are engineered & designed for high performance light weight building envelopes, roof and floor assemblies. All panels are Continuous Insulated (CI), water proof, hardened 8000 PSI+ and fire rated by design.

The innovative optimized panel pre-fabrication assembly process and erector set installation speeds up construction process across the entire project life cycle. Directly saving on financing, project administration, supervision, multiple trade field coordination, OSHA and site debris reduced additionally reduces quantifiable green gas emissions.

The composite panel provides a high-performance technology at a low-cost due to novel optimized high quality product controlled manufacturing assembly methods, allowing for a technology to be affordable and economically competitive with current building systems available on the market. In addition, the panels are versatile wall, floor, and roof assemblies that interface in complete enclosure as an erector set allowing for significant gravity loads, high wind loads, seismic movements, and high moisture exposure without deterioration of the structure. The composite building systems meet and exceed the requirements set forth by international building codes.

ACI Precast proprietary composite panel complies with Continuous Insulation (CI) standards

  • The CI design of the ACI ceramic panels significantly reduces thermal bridging at the stud line solving the most common area of thermal transfer and energy loss in conventional buildings.
  •  The composite panel proprietary thermal bridge encapsulates steel with foam and ceramics for conserving energy, and reducing HVAC operational costs.
  • CI allows Owners to  reduce fossil fuel consumption, green gases
  • CI is the construction industry new energy saving standard spear heading climate change

The Benefits of Panel Prefabrication

Pre-fabrication significantly reduce project schedule, administration,trade overlap problems , bringing down projects costs associated with the simultaneous management of multiple materials and trades. Field labor costs and congestion are reduced and construction accelerated by simply by rigging finished panels into place, bracing, bolting steel to steel connections and applying precast industry joint treatment and sealants. All panels are delivered insulated, water proofed with exterior finishes; on interior the cavity space is ready for electrical, plumbing and HVAC rough-in additional fur-out ready to receive drywall. The panel can be exposed to the elements for long periods with zero damages and no mold.

The high performance insulated hardened modular panels provide many benefits that 1st protect life from fire and natural disasters and reduce impact on the environment.

 Pre-fabricated hardened light weight ASTM E119-12 (3) Hour Fire rated modular building system 

    • Light weight “Air” building envelopes & enclosures
    • High strength to weight ratio structural composite action
    • Continuous Insulated CI
    • Water proofed impervious to moisture mold free
    • Corrosion resistance PH-11
    • High security,hardened surfaces. 8,000 psi +
    • High impact resistant Level 3 Min UL752
    • Composite matrix for blasts and earthquakes
    • Flexural better resistant to seismic movements
    • Manufactured in controlled environment
    • Accelerated modular construction schedules
    • Fur out – ready to receive interior finishes
    • Architectural finishes and shapes of choice

The Process

The panel shop drawings and steel to steel connections are designed by US Professional Engineers using BIM Software programs. This allows for designers to 3D map all composite materials implemented in the fabrication process. The detailed engineering and modeling program provides a high level of confidence as well as a transparent design collaboration with architects, engineers, general contractors, erectors, and fabricators. The optimized design and pre-fabrication design process contributes to a productive and accelerated construction process through the project life.                                         

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Panels are fabricated in a factory, trucked to the site, and then erected to enclose the building, temporary construction bracing is put in place, panel system is then progressively bolted together, all panel joints receive precast industry joint sealants; optional cover or ceramic reinforcement.

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