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ACI Ceramic Pre-Cast offers a range of pre-cast wall products to suit your building or design situation. The ACI Ceramic Pre-Cast system offer design flexibility to conform to nearly any architectural style and finish. Our Skilled team of designers use BIM programs to custom design your ACI Ceramic Pre-cast wall panels and prepare plans for factory production. The ACI Ceramic Pre-cast wall systems supports a variety of wall heights and openings for custom doors and windows. In addition, our panels are furred out with continuous runner allowing for easy installation of electrical and plumbing mechanicals before drywall and interior finishes are applied.

ACI Ceramic Pre-cast wall system provides a cost-effective alternative to the following conventional wall system applications:

  • Concrete back-up brick exterior
  • Concrete back-up stone exterior
  • Metal stud back-up brick exterior
  • Metal stud back-up EIFS exterior
  • Structurally insulated panels (SIPs)
  • Concrete insulated form (CIF)
  • Pre-cast concrete applications
  • Cast in place concrete
  • Tilt-up concrete
  • Superior walls
  • non-toxic moisture resistant roof assemblies
  • Hollow Core Systems
  • Retaining walls
  • Sound Barriers
  • Rain screen systems
  • Concrete Block walls

Fiberglass reinforced concrete (GFRC)

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