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ACI Pre-Cast finishescomposite structural and cladding provides building envelopes exterior walls with an insulated, water-resistant and moisture resistant (8,000 psi) finished surface. ACI Pre-Cast is the best performing cladding system in relation to fire resistance, thermal efficiency, and impermeability when compared to conventional EIFS, brick, stucco, and siding. ACI Pre-Cast composite wall system has exceptional fire, moisture, and impact resistance combined with energy efficiency and a superior finish that is resistant to fading, dirt, mold, and yellowing. ACI Pre-Cast saves money in construction costs while contributing to a more energy efficient building and reducing green house gas emissions.




ACI Pre-Cast stone finishes 2classing/finishes are recognized for their durability and strength in addition to the variety of sizes and colors available. The light weight properties of the ACI Pre-Cast and stone veneers allows for more flexibility in the design process and allows it to be more adaptable for various applications. Stone veneer has multiple advantages such as low cost of materials and installation, light weight, and provides a variety of design finishes. 

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