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Metal Stud Framing & Drywall


Light Gauge Galvanized Framing

Our team of certified metal frame installers are OSHA certified and trained in standard light steel framing applications, including load-bearing mid-rise construction systems, curtain wall systems, rigid connectorsvertical deflection connectors, lateral drift connectors and anchorage connectors.

Superior and Uniform Quality:HONDA JET 419

  • Cold roll-formed members are design to create precise shapes for complex architectural design
  • Studs allow for straighter walls because galvanized studs do not warp, twist, bow or split
  • Non-combustible members
  • More cost effective than traditional construction methods
  • Lower costs for construction insurance

High Strength/Light Weight:

  • Galvanized steel has highest strength-to-weight ratios
  • Light gauge framing can reach spans greater than lumber
  • Lightens structural weight and reduces foundation requirements


  • Reduce disposal costs and waste
  • Does not out gas any VOC’s
  • 100% recycled galvanized steel
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to wood and concrete

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For a free consultation call 919-845-0870 or email to schedule an appointment for a power point presentation and to learn about our ACI Pre-Cast light weight construction services. Designed for life safety, asset protection, and sustainability. Click here to view our project gallery.

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Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, American Craftsmen Inc. works with customers in the U.S.A. 

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